This is How You Choose A Bedding Set That Will Make You Sleep Better At Night

It is a fact that so many people are in love with hotel bedding as it brings a luxurious feel and nothing makes people happier than waking up in a hotel bed. The quality of bedding set in those hotels are undoubtedly amazing. But if you are wondering whether you can bring the same experience to your own bedroom, then the answer is "Yes".

Spending your money on a good mattress and a sturdy bed is not enough unless you choose the perfect duvet covers and pillow covers. You will see an enormous difference in your sleeping experience.

What Is A Duvet Cover?

Duvet covers are certainly one of the most common bedding items. It is basically a soft flat case made of fabric that you can slip over the duvet. A duvet cover acts like a protective layer to keep your bedding germ-free and save you from the chore of getting the duvet laundered. Moreover, you can express your personal style by swapping out the cover.

Zodiac Happy Time Bedding Set

How To Pick a Duvet Cover That Suits Your Bed

Wherever you go, you must be wondering how to choose and combine the bedding items altogether. We as Cozzyhomes, are here to first help you make the right decision when choosing a duvet cover.

1) Materials

Like most bedding items, duvet covers can be made from many different fabrics. In order to determine the best duvet covers, it is necessary to check the quality, feel and texture.

  • Cotton: is known as the most commonly used material for bedding because of its convenience, breathability, countless patterns and textures. Cotton duvet cover can also provide you a restful sleep and keep you cool throughout the night. There are different types of cotton such as Combed cotton, Cotton sateen, Cotton percale, Egyptian cotton, Pima cotton.
  • Linen: is a remarkably strong and lightweight fabric made from the flax plant. It is a natural fiber, like cotton, but it takes longer to harvest and more difficult to weave. Linen duvet cover can be more absorbent and more durable than cotton duvet cover.
  • Polyester: is a shortened name for a synthetic, man-made fiber, which is most commonly referred to as a type called polyethylene terephthalate (PET). It is a quite popular fabric as it can be resisted by wrinkling, abrasions and many chemicals. They are also lightweight, breathable and hypoallergenic.
  • Blends: This fabric is made by blending different types of materials in order to achieve a certain level of durability or to produce material with better insulation or warming abilities.

2) Size

One of the easiest things to figure out is the size you need for your duvet cover. Fortunately, the size of bed, sheet and duvet is pretty standardized.

Your duvet cover must be the same size as your duvet. Most duvets are tailored to match the standard mattress sizes. However, there is quite a bit of variation when it comes to the actual measurements of a duvet so you should always double check the length and width before purchasing.

3) Maintenance

The good thing about duvet covers is that they are removable, which makes them easier to wash. Depending on the material, some duvet covers may be dry-clean or hand wash only.

Cotton duvet covers or poly-cotton blends duvet covers might be safely laundered at home. Covers made of woven materials may stretch while washing and should be cleaned with care. Duvet covers made of silk needed to be dry-cleaned.

If you ask how often to wash duvet cover, then the answer is you can wash as often as you like, but it is suggested to wash your duvet cover once a week to enhance your sleep experience.

Specifically on how to wash duvet cover, choose the gentle cycle while using the washing machine and tumble-dry low. If you want extra soft duvet cover, add a little softener into the rinse cycle. In order to reduce wrinkles, remove duvet covers from the washer and dryer quickly. You can steam-iron your duvet cover for a fresher feel.

4) Patterns & Designs

Without a doubt, your bed is the central point of your room. Therefore, plan your bedding set by starting to get a new custom duvet cover is the foundation of decorating your bedroom. Duvet covers come in a limitless range of colors, patterns and designs which allows users to change the aesthetic style of their bedroom without the need for replacing the entire duvet.

Scandinavian or minimalist style is quite common as it focuses on cleaness, simplicity and functionality. It also relies strongly on neutral color. Geometric patterns or lines should be taken into your consideration, rather a wild floral or organic pattern.

Geometric Bedding Set

If you are a fan of tropical lifestyle, then do not hesitate to go with wild floral or flamingo patterns. This style fully embraces nature, brings the feeling of the islands, specifically the water and plant life.

    3 Flamingos With Tropical Floral Bedding Set

    How to choose Pillow Cover

    Vast majority of people often pay a lot of attention to their pillows and wonder if it is too soft, too firm or shaped just right for their body. Nevertheless, what goes over or protects the pillow is important as well. Pillow covers not only protect the pillow itself but also stop dust mites, prevent bed bugs and provide you a better sleep.

    A Parrot Bedding Set

    When choosing a pillow cover, you have to consider the materials, sizes, maintenance and styles as well. Most online shops sell pillow cases along with bedspread, comforter and duvet cover. As a result, you should choose the fabrics that offer maximum softness and cosiness for both duvet cover and pillow cover. Remember to check for the size of cover that will definitely fit your pillow. In addition, once you get a bedding set, washing before the first use is always recommended.

    Where to buy custom made bedding sets?

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