What Cozzyhomes has to style your home

Style your bedroom with our beautiful bedding set and quilt blanket

1) Scandinavian

      If you are a minimalist, consider Scandinavian (or Scandi), a popular minimalist look to the interior architecture field that lasts to this day. A typical feature of Scandinavian style is the concept of hygge, a Danish term which loosely means cosiness. It’s the idea of treasuring the simple things in life and creating a sense of warmth within the home.

      2) Eclectic

      Eclectic style is all about harmony and the coming together of elements from various cultures and time period, decorating styles, juxtaposing textures, and contrasting colors to create one design style that takes verve and a great eye. If you’re into rich, layered interior design highlighting a series of era’s and movements, eclectic style interior design might just be the right direction to consider for your home.

      3) Tropical Style

      Tropical style interiors are all about the romantics of the endless beaches, the lush jungles and the vibrant colors of the exotic lands we dream of. Inspired by Nature, this interior design style features abundance of natural materials and color palettes characteristic for the Tropics in its flamboyant beauty.