7 Basic Tips on Buying Proper Quilt Blankets Online

Bedroom is undoubtedly the most private and favourite room of the house. With so many bedroom decor ideas, designing a bedroom to fit perfectly to your personality might demand a lot of effort but it's still possible.

You spend time relaxing and recharging your energy on your lovely bed, but it will be incomplete without a quilt blanket.

In order to help you to put your personal style on full display, we as Cozzyhomes, will provide important guidance on how to choose the perfect quilt blanket.

1) Search For The Proper Size

It will be an imperfect symmetry if you want to cover your bed with either too small or too large quilt blanket. So, first of all, figure out which is the size of your bed and then look for the proper size of your quilt. Quilt blanket comes in a wide range of sizes, including Throw, Twin, Queen, King and Super King.

In addition, it is recommended that if you are going to share your quilt blanket with your partner, get a size that is one size bigger than your bed so that both persons will be able to sleep comfortably. But if you or your partner move around a lot while sleeping, you might have to consider separate coverings as well.

Regarding your children, it is also suggested that a separate, twin-sized quilt blanket will be the perfect choice. If you're looking for a baby quilt blanket, ensure that it will have the highest quality in order to keep your baby comfortable while sleeping.

2) Ensure The Material Meets Your Needs

Quilt blanket is often composed of 3 layers which is the top, inner layer and bottom. The top layer is handcrafted from many different pieces of fabric stitched together into intricate patterns. The inner layer can be made from different materials such as wool, down, cotton, or polyester to enhance the cosy warmth. The bottom layer is similar to the top layer fabric.

A Special Nurse Quilt Blanket

Also, it depends on the weather condition in your current location. If the winter is moderately cold, cotton fabric is the good option for your quilted throw blanket as they are lightweight, soft and hypoallergenic.

3) Take Style & Color Into Consideration

When choosing the color of your quilt blanket, you should take the style of your room into consideration. If you are a big fan of minimalist style or Scandinavian, do not be afraid to go for something that is neutral or color-blocked.

Abstract Colorful Geometry Quilt Blanket

If you like a patterned quilt blanket, pick a consistent shape in the pattern, like a geometric pattern or lines, instead of wild floral or organic patterns.

Eclectic style is quite common as well, it draws from a blend of time periods & style. The important key is the balance. Choose your quilted throw blanket that is similar to something else in the room like your furniture or decor. You can definitely mix textures in order to bring in global and ethnic elements with your quilt blanket.

Aborignail Didgeridoo Australia Culture Quilt Blanket

4) Invest in More and Different Designs

One quilt blanket might not be enough for you to consider what will make the best functional & attractive solution for your room. But how many is enough? That depends completely on how you display them, how you use them, and how chilly the weather is in your area!

You can start with this design principle which is the "Rule of Three". If you are mainly focused on your bedroom, try to pick one in these options:

  • 2 pillows & 1 blanket
  • 3 pillows & 2 blankets
  • 2 layered blankets & 1 pillow

Moreover, if you want to give your bedroom a floral feel, you can try it with our Beautiful Flamingoaholic Quilt Blanket. It'll bring warm and soothing feelings and soften up your bedroom.

If you are so excited about camping, why don't you try this Happy Camping Camper Quilt Blanket. It has unmistakable camping illustrations that will make you always want to put your quilt blanket on.

5) Think About Other Benefits of a Quilt Blanket

Quilt is a popular blanket in the beginning of the 17th century in America. Today, quilt blankets are still loved because of their versatile usage. Whether a quilt is covering your bed, used as tablecloth or picnic towel or even wall hangings, it's a bedding accessory to be used and treasured.

Africa Women Quilt Blanket

Instead of exhibiting a gallery of art on canvas or photographs in your main living area, you can absolutely hang a quilt to express your own personal style as well. A large quilt can fill the large, blank wall beside your bed. And of course, you can choose smaller, personalized quilts for different spaces in your house.

6) Understand How to Clean Them

Before purchasing, make sure you check out the manufacturer's washing and care instructions. It is not necessary to wash a quilt blanket frequently unless it is used on your children's bed.

Most of the quilt blankets are machine-washable, but you should definitely check if your quilt is safe for home washing or does it require professionally dry-clean. Read the maintenance instructions carefully because some dyes may bleed.

7) Know The Right Place to Buy

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Our range of Personalized Quilt Blankets are made of Kona Cotton - which is 100% combed, premium quilting weight cotton fabric. If you own a dog or a cat? Don't worry because it's so easy to keep the quilt clean.

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